Monday, 13 June 2011

My life is about?

It seems to be about keeping Steve Marsden(CTC) a busy man!! What with The Picnic? which might end up being a few newbies sheltering from the rain, whilst clasping butties. And a few of the Die Hards (already converted) offering to lead rides in the rain? He is going to be on hand to answer the questions, that I haven't a clue about though which is good to know. And I've sown the seed with him about meeting some folk from Inclusive Cycling? At my house and leading a ride, in the woods maybe?? And then I drew a breath!!!!! :D I need to speak Kev dearest.....

I have figured out, whats wrong with my Stomach? It's not what I initially thought (hormonal) When I was grumbling, at having tummy ache, I did a very foolish thing, and lived on pain killers. And because we were out of Paracetamol, I had Ibuprofen. Which has rotten my stomach!! I know this because my......!! (So sorry but I had to tell you, how I knew) So having realised whats wrong, I lay ed my hands on my tummy, which was scorching, and the rest which comprises of mostly fat was cold!!

Despite this I felt happy because it had clicked, what was wrong. So I showered, and cycled to the Park for a breakfast meet with the lovely Miriam. My main reason was to complete, an application form to obtain funding for my taxis to Hillsborough, we thought about, we would stand a better chance, if I did the Mental Health Group Lead course, the CTC are doing at the moment?? Maybe I'd be more attractive, to an all Inclusive Charity, and because I'm slow and I may slow the Class, when on the ride. I thought it good if Miriam, be on the course with me, ??? The Jury's out as to whether there are 2 spare places.

I also enquired about, accommodation at Zest, and any spare funds for a writing therapy group?? It's all go, go, go.

Anyway I've got a meeting tomorrow at BIRRP to discuss The Way Ahead, the Headway Conference in Leicester in July.

I cycled home Julie Andrews popped round, because she's doing Richards job, whist he has a well earned break.

Oooooooooh and guess what I've just seen the new Greenspeed Trike!! I know what I want for Xmas!! :)

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  1. Coo - you've got better spies that me! What have you seen?