Friday, 10 June 2011

Mmmm quickie

I'm on borrowed time, or borrowed dongle!! it's a pay as you go one as well.

I didn't go to Creative writing :(ahhhhh, I enjoy it as well. but I had kinda slept in, but my kids got themselves ready for school. Whist I threw up in a bowl. My children are great.

Spoke with Matt, whose coming to the picnic, and he excused me for Waging Lessons today, and said I was the only member of the group, who'd started my Story, let alone finished it!! (I'm such a swat!)

Kev, I think I would love the New Forest, but it does seem a big, big effort. Because I would have the kids, and would they need to bring bikes?? And Ziggy still not got over, the last train journey she had. And the mileage? I'm a right wuss you know??

Hey I watched a Dvd of York last year, and because we took the river route, it was a mammoth 11 miles there. And about 6 back. (from the race course)

I bet you wonder why Im here??

I missed you all, so I asked my lovely kind computer guy, if he could lend me a dongle (oooo er) and yes, and Im paying pay as you go. I wasn't really expecting him today, so I was still in my dressing gown, and eating Pizza on the settee with my little boy....Urgh, do you know what he said!!!! When I said to Jon, 'Oh youll have to excuse me, I've not been well today.' ???? The little horror chirped up, 'Oh and she stinks of period!!' :D I'm laughing now, but it really wasn't clever.


  1. Did you know you've set a trend?

  2. Now to see if it'll make the link clickable...

  3. Are you saying you did 17 miles cycling in one day when at York?