Monday, 27 June 2011

Geee it's hot!!

I've gone up nearly 2 clothes sizes in 2 weeks!!! It has to be the new tablets. Plus they are making me sleep during the day, which I find so wasteful!! Today was no different, I had my daughter home last night, which is unusual for a Sunday....but flexibility is the name of our fairly ...(not always) successful shared access.

I waved my wee girl goodbye, and fell asleep, how awful!! Lawrence phoned, just to recap, on arrangements. (i've just had an idea!!) I'll talk about it tomorrow. I cycled to my Mums, it was nice getting there with the wind blowing into my damp face, but coming back was hard. And I think all the residents were suffering with the heat!! Because my Mum kept glaring at me with the same wild eyes that said 'What time of night do you call this!!!! when I was 15 :D ...I didn't stop long.

I mess.....Hey guess what? I won in the School Summer Fair Raffle!! a Cut and 'Finish' hair do, and a manicure 3 days before the Palace, which is nice :) I still intend to go to the hair dressers at the top of my road in the Morning, just before I catch the train. Hopefully I can escape without a blue rinse (which is their usual style)

Where was I? Oh yeah, I text Steve Marsden (ctc) who I miss so much. I know he's still battling through 12 weeks of emails though.

I've had an idea, because I've just received an email about a new thing called Health Watch Champions. Health 'Experts' who demonstrate a healthy living style plus claim SDS. I think I should be 1st choice plus possibly it could pay for Hillsborough? watch this space....?

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