Thursday, 9 June 2011

Wey hey, I am dim....:)

Long story.....too techy, or not as I found out! I'm back, a day late.

Mark my friend called, first thing to get the low down, on what to expect, from my SDS audit, that I had invited him too. I'm soo obliging at times.

Hannah Jasper (cool name) arrived to audit at about 9, awww bless her, because everyone wants SDS to work, because it is sooo good and gives an individual so much more choice. She had prepared Mark, a really useful folder, to keep. :) I do have contact with such kind folk.

Anyway, as I've mentioned, I've been lapse at saving things, but with the help of my Wall Planner, we managed to see exactly, where the rest of the cash was going, it wasn't on wild crazy nites, it was constructive publicity things, and Cycling trips and stuff. Even though for my SDS publicity, I always get reimbursed cash back.

We got onto talking as you do.... the phone was the other Hannah wanting details of the quiet Picnic we're having for Cycle Week. Which was originally for about 10, but I think things might change. I must stress, there isn't a bike ride, it's just a goss really, and a chance for folk to look at whats at Hillsborough, and book on for future weeks.

Which reminds me must dash....catch you later. x

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