Saturday, 18 June 2011

I'm just fed up

Don't really feel like writing, or doing much, but I'll catch you all soon. I'm cycling to the Park on Monday so there fore injecting some endorphines :)


  1. Have evil cold here. Been sitting watching daytime TV since Friday. Too wobbly walking to try going out cycling to burn it off. Bah!

  2. Poor you, it's horrid when you know the cure, but you're too ill, to get it. I'm still managing to do it, but instead of leaving me rejuvinated, it's exhausting me.

  3. Got my fix (possibly o/d'd) on Sunday. First really big ride in one go Edinburgh to St Andrews via East Neuk, with Scottish 'Midsummer Madriders' Dumb Run (Dumbarton to St Andrews) to enjoy the shorter nights and watch the dawn as you ride with almost no cars on the road.

    Now I am recovering and back in harness. Have you boosted your feelgood feed?

  4. I'm at least four weeks away from riding a bike again and even walking hurts. My son is taking me to town for lunch tomorrow. I'll see if I can't lurch into the lbs :0)


  5. Hi Derek :) Are you the Derek, that has slept at my house :D

    Glad to hear from you anyway, I was beginning to feel boring!!! xxx