Monday, 6 June 2011

Going, going gone :)

Hi, I'm back and I'm a fairly balanced individual. I say fairly.... I still managed to chew s'ones head off today, in a text!!!

I spent all yesterday, feeling dejected and alone because no one would help me fill in the Identification Card that I thought I needed for the Palace, and it was a right ball ache (maybe not:)), getting ancient boxes, out of storage, to look for Medical Cards etc. Because I'm not 'Normal' I don't drive, and I don't go on holidays abroad!! But I woke this morning to a lovely text from Nigel West, offering to come and help me after work, my lovely neighbour also offered, and a gorgeous (im secretly in love with) man I used to work with, said he'd come in his lunch hour, if I needed him.(but I did, but not for filling in a form!!) I did non of them I called the Palace, and Lizzy answered!! I jest, I'm sure you realise. I can present my Blue 'Cripple Parking Badge' and my OAP bus Pass, and they will gain me entry into the Palace.

I had long chats with Miriam, who'd been applying for Grants and Funding to Pay for my work at Hillsborough, and she needs some Questions answering, I can't give her the answers, so I had to bother Steve M. Who is still proper poorly, and not really into chatting about owt :(

The Picnic is still happening at Hillsborough, on Thursday the 16th of June at 12, and I must emphasize that the Cycles are to be looked at and sat on, if you wanna ride them it will need to be a different day, when you know which one you wanna use. Because there are only 3 Trainers, no Steve, (he doesn't know) and we can't cope wi 60 folk all at once. But please, bring a picnic, and come and rub thighs (your own) and talk about Sprockets, Inner tubes, Nipples and things!!

Anyway, my Creative Writing Group, have been convinced, that it sounds like fun. And they are coming. Hey I started my Story last night, the one thats gonna be published..oooooh :)

Ey I've right enjoyed today, I've just kinda been chatting ALL day, and putting the world to rights. I've been having some wicked/brill ideas, about who can help who in the great scheme of things. I've got a Planning meeting tomorrow, about a Workshop, BIRRP are delivering, at The Way Ahead Headway Conference in Leicester in July. I will have to check that I'm wearing a helmet aty all times, in photos!! Which I do, as a rule always wear a one. But in the bigger picture, how many folk would die through lack of exercise related illnesses, if they were put off cycling because they had to wear a helmet???

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