Friday, 3 June 2011


I know some of you maybe absolutely mortified, by this comment, but I have no shame :) I'm now 8 days late for my period, and my tummy hurts its as tight as a drum, my back hurts :( At least my time cycling took the ache away or just made me forget.

Ooooh Fred called after Hillsborough, to look at my Pear, and trim my Pussy (willow)- Kenneth Williams.

I get quite emotional, at the thought of it ending my time there. I wish I was as confident as Steve M, that I was valued by EVERYONE for my work at Hillsbro, and s'one would pick up the tab, for my transport to Hillsborough and back, once a week. Thing is though, if I'm honest I don't feel like I'm working EVER...i just love it :)

I worked mostly with CFH for the first hour or so, then my friends arrived from Autism + and Steven who rides my old tricycle Gretel, who I've struck up a bit of Rapport with, shouted excitedly telling everyone, I was his friend, so I was :)

We all either finished for lunch, or went home, depending on whether we'd got sandwiches. I headed back to the lodge, it seems to be my routine now. Eeeeeek, it just happens, I don't shirk honest. I seem to arrive at 10 and only do stuff till about 1245. And my taxi picks me up at 2. So you know when I moan, (actually I never moan about Hillsborough!!)

I do love Hillsborough, but I have got tummy ache!!

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