Thursday, 30 June 2011

No Hillsborough

My lil boy wasn't at school today, because of the strike action, by the teachers so I've stayed home :( I am ignorant as to how the Unions want to pay the countries deficit? Because I agree there must be another way? It's got nowt to do with me having to wait another 8 years for my ex's pension) I missed Hillsborough and the usual folk though.

I felt fat, slobby and unattractive. So it was really hard to do, honestly I was nearly crying ....I made myself go for a cycle, to the local tesco. Its probably only half a mile, all down hill and all dual carriageway!! I pick up some speed, and never trawl in the cycle path. With the horrid red uneven tarmac, that's always too narrow for my width :D if you get my drift. On the way back though, I know a really flat easy route behind the local shops, so it was a win, win. And now I feel fine.

Hey my Story is in an Exhibition on the 17th of October, called Off The Shelf.

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