Saturday, 2 July 2011

Cliffhanger @ Millhouses Park

I waved goodbye to my kiddy winkies, and set off to the Park, I do love that ride now. It's weird to think it once terrified me, admittedly I was going Henliegh Hall way, to try and escape paying £6!!!! entry. (We can but try, us Cripples) as for the first year, we had no concessions. :) x

It was fantastic to see how popular the CTC/BMX stand was, there were about 20 youngsters waiting for a shot on the bikes with Steve and Ed coaxing them along bridges and up the See saws. Again Ziggy got a lot of attention, as I went exploring the park. It was great, I just directed them to Steve. Or gave them one of my new contact cards which have his number as well as Nick at Hillsborough on it.

I bumped into the man who was the first boy, I invited home for tea at the age of 12/13, who I aint seen for nearly 5 years (he came to my 40th b'day party) And he did warn me to keep my clutches on my Daughter, in case she took after me!! adding..You know what you were up to at her age!! (I did blush)

Whilst speaking to Richard, I had noticed this couple, kinda hanging around waiting to speak. I presumed they knew Richard because I didn't know them, but they knew me evidently. It was Elizabeth the CTC Cycle Champion from Leicester. We had a good gossip, about geeky things, before I headed back.

Ooooh I have to say... What does a stand called 'Sportability' imply to everyone? Well I obviously was barking mad by presuming it had anything to do with All ability sports. How silly it was a stand for easy ski ing equipment!! Anyway I think the young very fit bloke felt a little foolish, when I told him of my presumption (and so he should!!!)

I called back at the CTC stand, to say tot ta. And went on to see Mum, dementia is a very sad illness :(

Cycled home, and was joined by a cyclist I know for a bit of the way. Hey this new cyclist, overtook this recumbent presumed it was me, so blew a kiss, only to realise it was another guy!!!

Urrrrm what else....?... my left knee really is starting to ache, as I rotate the pedal. I really do have a list of things that the GP wants to see me about.


  1. Back for another shot today? (Sunday?) Care with that knee could be bad adjustment of seat/pedals or change in your riding position.

    Doing South start access again next weekend as will use rail rather than driving 750 miles round trip, a fine balance in costs. Need to promote the way fathers can be helped to enjoy better quality access, by offering houses/rooms to spend time with kids in somewhere better than park or 'sterile' cafe/hotel

    Thursday's Cycling Forum in SHF has a ride planned after the meeting (leaves the Chimney House around 16.00?) to Dore to look at the proposals for cycling and the proposed P&R site which could become a centre for local sustainable travel in Sheffield, before a visit to the Greystones, Thornbridge's flagship public house, the ride is open to all. Might catch you en route.

    Must speak to Rob about the Greenspeed hub brakes with 80mm axle....a project.

  2. Knee - make sure either you or you get somebody to give Ziggy a look over. Probs like that can be caused by the boom getting knocked wonkey and can turn into a nagging problem that won't go away if you just ignore it...
    You're probably just looking to make sure one crank isn't nearer the floor than the other one.

  3. Oh, wonkey cleats on the bottom of your shoes can do it too. Anything that is causing you to twist unusually as you pedal.