Thursday, 14 July 2011


Ha !! My friend Russel, brought in his Spam collection! I did laugh...but you probably had to be there.

I Cycled with CFH, Dave (a newish face and Amanda, who used to run CFH, when I first began at Hillsborough. And my lovely Fred and Nick. I started to feel, a bit light headed, so I excused myself and headed back to the cabin. I had to lean over, to lock Ziggy to the fence, next minute I was in Ziggy but on my tummy!!!(very ungainly and not at all attractive.) With the back rest sticking in my ribs. A stranger in green past, and I asked him to pick me up (poor sod)

Nick bought me a jacket spud, Fred, made me a coffee, and I even asked Sue from the Mental Health group, to take me for a wee :) But I did manage to laugh at Russels tins of spam, which I have taken pics of. And I promise I will show you soon.

I've got a Brain Injury sharing information day tomorrow. I'm taking Ziggy at 845 and meeting Steve M (CTC) at the town hall, and he's bringing me and my trike home.

I cant laugh, I'm feeling right miserable.


  1. A non-wine related tumble - are you eating enough cake?

    Assuming your OK, what happened at the Palace?

  2. Sounds like a lack of cake to me too. I hope you are not starving yourself to counteract the stomach pills?

    & the Palace, what about the Palace?