Monday, 11 July 2011

I'm Back!!

It's no good, I'm just not that good, at keeping my Blog funny and interesting. It's only like a journal, of my life? But I do find my life interesting :) It's just transcribing that onto the screen, doesn't always work. So I'd love it if you stayed, but hey, you don't have to.xx

Oooooh Friday morning, I was all gobledy gook! my kids couldn't really get a proper sentence from me. I didn't really want to let anyone down, because I felt this weekend different organisations, might be watching me and yes the dreaded word....Judging....but not just me, the CTC, Altogether Better, Zest, and Sheffield's Adult Social Care. I was pretty sure they would be coming to a conclusion about Hillsborough Inclusive Cycling, Self Directed Support, and other Hot Potatoes? :) Maybe they'd hear about the Brain Injury Research Rehab Partnership, It's all relevant, to my success, as an individual.

I suppose 5years ago, when I hit rock bottom, I only had 2 choices. Kill myself? I could have done it quite easily with razor blades, as I lay in the bath that Evening waiting for My Husband and my 'Best Friend' to bring my Children back from London. But who would have found me?

I had visions of 30 years time, My children sitting in some therapy group. Gripping their knees and gently rocking, too and fro. Trying to come to terms with why their Mum had left them. Or I could reinvented Myself. I had 3 years of being a teenager again. And indeed displaying tendencies that are stereo typical, of some Brain Damage. Like being incredibly outspoken, outrageous even at times.But I'd rather be a bit naughty than frigid!! (which can also happen!)

So Matt, the funny liberating guy, who happens to be my tutor/facilitator/friend co author??? Picked Steph Grant and I up, on Friday Morning. Wow, this was gonna be great, as I sat in the front listening to 'Tinder sticks'. Because of his apparent love of music, I asked him if he'd lovingly look after and keep forever and treasure my 50 vinyl Records? A match was made in heaven, I could happily give them to him.

The evening was spent acquainting myself in the bar, I was just being friendly you understand? The accommodation, at the University of Leicester was tops. The 3 of us were all split up though, but no worries. We were all only a building apart. I have never laughed at Steph so much, (but you honestly had to be there, but Matt and I were in tucks) but we laughed with him you must understand?

The bar closed at 1230 :(

Saturday, was so successful. I was torn between The CTCs Policy about Cycling helmets and Headways, because as a victim of a Brain Injury. Should everyone be 'sitting on a fence' arguing, when folk die everyday. So if s'one took the bull by the horns and said tough it's now law. Surely that would save lots of heart ache. But where would it stop? should I for instance, be restricted to 1 biscuit a day? because of obesity? Should my little boy have to wear a crash helmet to play football?

On other experiences, I've had since my car crash, I articulated them well, I think. And got a belly full of laughs, I only took a 100 cards and they were snatched up. Like sweets in a candy store!! And Steph was amazing. He had written the most 'Touching' piece of work. Which Matt had read out earlier in the day. I sat next to him whilst it was read, and his eyes were brimming with tears, until they overflowed onto his cheeks. I gently touched his arm, I'm not sure if he noticed. He was back 20 years ago with the young man who lay in a coma, surrounded by Well wishers, who pushed and shoved to be seen close to him. Pushing the one person, he loved and wanted to be close, to the back, to patiently wait her turn.

So the day flew, We did another Workshop, and I just had a spare hour before tea. I tell you it was a good job Matt was there to keep tabs, and phone me and call for me, because my head was swimming with the days conversations!! I just didn't know what I was doing half the time?? So dinner passed with more laughter, about Stephs menu choice, in actual fact I bought him a bag of Salt and Vinegar crisps during dinner, rather than see him starve again!!

We drank copious amounts of wine, it was great, and went back to the lovely Franks, with Mervyn 'a wise man' So yes your right there were 5 men, and myself. And what deep philosophical conversations we had, it was great. For the first time in ages, I truely relaxed.....till 3am!!!

Drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring!!!!! my alarm, it was 10mins till breakfast, but luckily, when I'd got in earlier that morning. I'd got changed, and got on the bed. What a top move all I had to do was brush my teeth.

I did all the usual things, lots of goodbyes.

What a lovely weekend, thank you everyone who made it happen.

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