Tuesday, 19 July 2011

I'm going down :( but I'm glad at the mo.

I hope you all like the pic, that Patrick took, of Steve and I? Outside the palace? We did go in, honestly :D

I've been trying to get hold of 'SimpsonMillar' about our meeting on Friday, but couldn't speak with the guy, I had met before. I do hope it happens??

I've been on the Tesco bus, it's so therapeutic, just wandering aimlessly round a supermarket.

I've become prolific email buds with a younger guy I met at The Headway conference, and yes there are lots of reasons why it won't become more :(, but I just have to be there for him at the mo.

What else....

Ahh, I've had a few affirmatives for 17th of Oct, which is the launch of my Creative Writing Groups book-let. Ooooooooh and I've heard from Mr Bocking today, which was ACE :) I will ask him the secret squirrels password, so I can reply to messages left. As he is the original blog master.

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