Thursday, 21 July 2011

an insy bit better... well loads actually

Hey, you can't expect me to get everything right? Here's Michelle, taking her 'First Steps' on a cycle at CFH in Hillsborough Park.

If I'm totally honest Hillsborough didn't quite give me the lift that it usually does, but it came close. It was CFH last week this week, so I'd taken in a selection of buns and cake. (yes I know I shouldn't but I'm taking peoples advice) There seemed to be a lot of Cycle trainers about today, plus support staff who'd come with the cyclists. So maybe, I felt a bit redundant. Yet it was to be one of the support staff that gave me a huge lift, she was called Michelle, and very begrudgingly she took a bike down to the courts for herself. 'But there was no way, she was riding it' she said, in an adamant voice. The group split up, with the more competent cyclists doing a bit of road work, on the quiet roads near by. Whist Dave (Santa) and I stayed on the courts where it was flat, with a few folk who didn't feel competent enough.

Meanwhile Fred and Nick meet ed and greeted, a couple of regulars with disabilities who cycled around the park, and Autism Plus. Who were all interesting looking guys riding even more interesting trikes!!

But it was all so Inclusive....except for Michelle, who had vowed and declared, she would only sit on the bike, and that's all she did for a while, until Dave offered to lower the seat, so her feet could reach the floor, and then she could actually move about, which she enjoyed. Dave stood over her, arms wrapped round her, without touching (if you follow) It was enough to make her feel safe enough to try putting her feet on the pedals.

Wow, a couple of rotations, I zoomed up beaming it was so ace seeing someone, be so anti cycling, take their first teetering steps. I moved over into one half of the court, and we babbled excitedly over what this could mean, this total switch round of ideas.

Anyway by the end of the session Michelle had rid en easily a mile, by continuously doing laps of the 'Ball Court' and she talked enthusiastically about my lil dream of doing 121 cycling in Millhouses Park. I gave her one of my cards so 'Hi Michelle, you were superb today, you made my day'

We were so busy , enjoying talking geeky things (hey I like it when I appear, to have knowledge :) ) That we hadn't noticed everyone disappear for lunch!!

Back at the cabin my friends Russel and Marcel had arrived, and the 2 of them were lovely because they sorted my 'Saggy Seat' and it didn't hurt a bit :D

Hi Elly, we try and speak every week, because she follows this, and I'm usually on my way home :( Look forward to it anyway :)

Hey I'm meeting with a guy whose company might be interested in paying for my expenses to continue at Hillsborough, tomorrow. Wish me luck, and I'm sorry I've been a bit down, it's after the highs of The Palace. I did know it would happen.

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  1. What would Hillsborough be without Caroline's Buns ;-o

    Nice pics of Palace, but great exclamations at pictures of Steve in a suit (did he remember to shake the confetti out of the pockets from last time he wore it?)

    Good to see you are getting the idea of asking for the gifts that are available - reminds me of negotiating for Sustrans and finding out what can be given in kind, as this is very hard to price, rather like the railway free tickets I used to get. Averaged out for the whole workforce, the taxman added £10 to my taxable income, so obviously there were a lot of rail workers not using this perk at all.

    Have to press CPT (the bus industry people) for their newly published guidance on carrying mobility scooters. Could be handy opening for some of your less able (stamina & abilities in traffic) cyclists to travel longer distances over busier roads and use their cycles to get around at each end of the journey. Target dates - end of September - European Mobility Week - what are you doing for this? and October Coach & Bus show in NEC.