Friday, 15 July 2011

Fingers crossed

Woop woop weeeeeeee!!!! I think I've got sponsorship, to continue supporting Cycling for All at Hillsborough Park, for another year :) I know I'm counting my chickens, and this guy, could have been 'Billy Liar'. But I don't think so.

I was sooo tired today, that when my cab picked myself and Ziggy up, I was a little aprehensive? Supposing I fainted again, or worse still had a 'fit'?? Mark Parker, had agreed to meet me . I flited around introducing Steve M, to everyone, I jokingkly asked the trustee of Headway, if he'd sponsor me, so I could continue, my work at Hillsborough. He said I asked why he should? I said how I would be in a position, to encourage children, to wear helmets on their cycles. And because I'm happy and I get about a BIT:) Anyway

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  1. Hello :-)
    I am pretty sure I saw you yesterday in the town hall. I wanted to come and say hi but it had got much later than I thought and we needed to get smallest offspring back for nursery.
    I hope the day went well for you