Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Quickly....it's like this

Wednesday the 3rd of August, the BBC will come to Hillsborough for 2mins!!!

No Wanna be Cyclists, so Hannah from ASC is asking round and will possibly bring quite a few with varying disabilities?? Now this is really good because even if we've got them there under the lure of fame and the lime light. It might turn out that they actually quite like cycling.

Nick won't be there :( Awwww, I like our usual crew.

Fantastic news though Steve Marsden will be instead :) But not really in a 'Oooooh look at me role' From what I gather, just over seeing that I've not bit off more than I can chew I think. And to be there just incase we have a crisis, and no one turns up???

The CTC were contacted i'll tell you tomorrow, when I'm back from Millhouses. I can't concentrate, too many things buzzin in my head.


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  1. Might be there to give you softer landing after all that excitement - on Thursday.