Monday, 18 July 2011

Hey I know I'm shrouded in black, and not at all feminine, but it was cold, and at least it proves I was there. Patrick Trainor, from the CTC is sending me the disc, so I can get some Hard core (ooooh er) copies printed. But not really, this is about as hardcore as it gets!! it was too cold to show off shoulders or cleavage.

Hey, I saw a photo the other day of me 5 years ago, (and totally unprovoked) everyone remarked how I now looked 5 years younger!! It was a particularly grim pic though.

But I was at Social Services today, helping them design a new participation involvement kinda pass, that I can use at Interviews etc, I don't want to feel as if it's a 'there there haven't you done well' kinda thing.

I aint heard from Simpson Millar Solicitors :(

Hey, and aren't you impressed, that I can load pics?

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