Monday, 25 July 2011

Mark Witty :D

I think has got to be the funniest guy, I've ever met...his one liners are pure class, I would tell you, but you had to be there!! I do wonder if he had his name changed? or if he became his name? You know like if I'd have been called Gertrude, or Doreen. I might not have been the manipulative and ingenious person that I am s'times. I have nominated Matt Colbeck for the Pride Of Britain Award, in the hope of our book, penned by myself and other brain injury survivors get a plug at the book launch? Proving that we ain't all 'lost causes'? and that WE CAN STRING 2 WORDS TOGETHER. oops

Also because my story is dedicated to my dead father, and the bench we had made for him. And how I can only reach it, because I can cycle there, and how empowering my trike has been. But it mentions, Nigel, Miriam, Steve, Dave Bocking and Buckingham Palace. So the more publicity The Launch gets, the better really.

And I'm really fed up wi not been able to reply to you lovely people who leave your comments, I might pay s'one to sort it.

I'm just gonna add some pics, because I can!!

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  1. Have you tried contacting blogspot about resetting your password or email used for comments?

    Best WaitForPete