Monday, 4 July 2011

Fingers on buzzers

In September, the BBC will screen a night promoting all their worthwhile projects, now the 1 that has sponsored me for 2 years, is called Altogether Better. I hate to deviate but I was proper poorly today, throwing up in a bowl, and that is why I didn't open the email that told me about the BBC coming to film the work that happens at Hillsborough Park every Thursday.(She says gasping for air) (except they might be coming on a Wednesday ?????)I write like I speak!!! So I phoned Nick :( who unfortunately can't be there on the Wednesday) But all the Cycles are free :) So I just need Steve to come along in his CTC tee shirt, to be the trainer on that day, and some Wanna be Cyclists.

So that got me thinking, I rang Hannah who agreed yet again, to help me out and gather some willing Cyclists, to come and have a go.

Oh well, I feel much better now, in fact a bit hungry. I'm all excited:)

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