Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Marcell and Cycle Chic

Ahhh, I love my friends :) I am lucky to know some extraordinarily nice folk. Who are so accepting of every ones strange ways. Today was no different, both my friends met for the first time, knew nowt about each other. If they had, what preconceptions, would they have jumped too then?

I was extremely hassled trying to sort my hair doing, a manicure, pedicure. A visit to my Mums, a vital chat with Rhian, from Altogether Better, and the same wi Mr Marsden. And I also had to communicate about the oncoming weekend in (I'm so slack wi my wee girl, I've just let her go to the end of the garden, shes grounded though!!) It's like watching a caged animal at the zoo , pacing from side to side. Staring hungrily as the children, play at the other side of the fence!!

Where was I? Oh yeah, it's a right bloody climb, up Baslow Rd, if you don't use the cycle path, to get to my house. Despite it becoming incredibly easy to nip to my Mums and home. It really is, so hard to cycle uphill. I'd got Parents Evening, and then I had to be home, for my kids. But time ticked on!!

In my haste, I've now got bright red nail varnish, on my face!!!!? and all gathered up as if queueing at the quick of my nail, because I couldn't wait to plunge into my pockets for my bike lock key. Ahh well!! I can't be doing wi being prissy, it's just not me.

I got a quick lecture off Steve M, I had to hurry him, as the woman was waiting and looking menacing with her plastic gloves. About the BBC lottery Bid thing, he said, it's not really about Hillsborough or Cycling, it's about you!! So stop trying to be right, just do what you want, and I will come if you want me to. Which was really nice. And a massive relief. So latest plan is to do a Norfolk Park, which is near to the railway station, and Marcel will come and be someone I've helped???? just by giving him confidence ???? By treating everyone as equal, I think he meant.

I did listen to Miar (CC) and Marcel, talk about their long rides, a bit wistfully, maybe one day????

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