Saturday, 16 July 2011

Hi Fiona

I'm slightly more awake, than I was. But I've just reread my illegible touch of pros from yesterday!!! shocking I was a bit tired :)

Just to say, I have got a few pics saved in my camera, I just need s'one to show me how to put them on my blog again.

Sorry Fiona...I've written you a message 3 times, and I keep getting confused.

Just phone me on Caroline 07909972140, if you fancy a meet and a cuppa.


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  1. Hello
    I only just saw this. Last week of term madness is just subsiding :) I will be in touch. I'm going to my first HEadway thing this week so I am going to ask them about cycling too. My husband is in the process of getting a bike through work too so if I can lower the seat enough I might even have a go on his too..... Loving the Palace pics too :)