Sunday, 24 July 2011

British Cycling?

I'm chasing up BC, who had reserved me a place on their Ass Cycle Trainer course in Chesterfield, thanks to Wendy Creed. It was cancelled, back in April, and what with finances feeling low, and then being very busy. I haven't chased them up until today. So I'll let you know..?

Thanks Dave, for your comments :) I think Steve bless him has his hands permanently in his suit pockets :)

Caption competition tonight, 'I can't find the tickets in here, have you got them?'

Apparently Sheffield Headway were so impressed with our 'Bike Picnic' at Hillsborough, they have fixed up their own. I think it's this Thursday, so I should be there anyway.

I am still feeling low, so I cycled to my Mums and back. Which has lifted me no end, I gave my contact card to 3 people who were thinking about cycling, ellegidly?

Do you wanna see some more Palace Pics?.... well tough you don't get a choice :)

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