Thursday, 7 July 2011

Awww Hillsborough

It was really busy today, folk coming and going, one guy who came last week, when I was unable to attend. Cycled the park 20 times, with his carer. And discussed joining the group that was set up for all levels of ability, but primarily all limbs and brain were in full working order?????(eeek sorry to offend) They just needed support to take the cycling experience to what ever level they wanted to. So lets see if he returns?

Mair Cycle Chic came, which was nice. Folk seemed curious about her bike, which looks as if it must weigh as much as a bus. Unfortunately, Marcel, just missed her by 5 mins, so he didn't get to see her bike. But I've promised to arrange another meet at Millhouses? Actually, I'm meeting Miriam at 1 there on Wednesday.

Hey, I braved it to Lilies Sandwich shop, which I had always imagined to be way too far for me???? (it's about 25 yards)???? But I felt right proud of.

There was only, 1 trainer for CFH, Nick and Fred, seemed to help out on Cycling for All, and I helped Dave with CFH, but not all the time, we all just mingled, everyone communicated, and everyone was equal. And when the mental Health group arrived at 1, it was just a continuation, of the same .....awwwwww, lovely jubblies (does that mean women's breasts?)maybe wrong place then?

Got home, and fell asleep, on the settee. Only to be woken at 4, by a nice man. :)

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