Sunday, 3 July 2011

Sorry Dave

2 years ago, when I was even less computer savy? is that possible, I hear you say. Dave Bocking set my Blog up for me, and gave me basic instructions, on keeping it going. At some point, possibly when I got a new one? I became unable to reply to comments that kind folk have left, without a secret account email. It's not the I aintnotomato one it's another involving Bockings name. But I've tried, a little bit to get hold of him. I may just have to set up a new does my head in, thinking about it. And that's why you didn't receive a reply....well you did but, hey it was a private 1.

I cycled to the park, 4 times in a week last week.. :)... I must have nowt better to do?? I am quite chilled actually but a little depressed.

And I will come and meet you all at Dore Station maybe Dave?? But I'm not up to cycling over to Greystones, it's nearly all up hill and you'd get naffed off waiting for me, honestly.

1 comment:

  1. Ah that sounds like a sneaky way to cut down the bill for a round of drinks - scare a few away with the prospect of a stiff climb up the hill!

    Must ask locals for the gradient profile then - it sounds like I need to do some fast research. Might be a fush suppa in the Spit instead.....

    Need to discuss weekend ideas - as I'll be taxed to get back and then down again for Saturday.

    Have you finished talking to the deity on the great white telephone now? Hope you've got the balance of inside stuff/outside stuff settled.