Sunday, 17 July 2011

Sorry to leave you danglin!

Re : The Palace, but Patrick Trainor from the CTC took some pics, outside the Palace, and is doing a bit of a thing on Newsnet and Cycle Mag?

And there really isn't too much to add, other than, I have totally changed my opinion of all the extravagence and Pomp, being a waste of money. It must bring so much into the country, in revenue, it's untrue? Everyone I spoke to was staying in London atleast 2 nights, they had shows booked, spent hundreds on outfits. A lot of foriegn visitors were invited, who'd flown in specially, to attend. I will NEVER agree with the Bear skin Busbys?? It takes a whole bear to make one you know!!

I'd started the day at 6am, and crawled into bed fully clothed (even though it was my poshest frock!!!) at 11.30 pm

My heads been a bit full, but I have little on this week, so lots of time to recooperate :)xx

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  1. Hope you took your hairpiece out before hitting the pillow