Thursday, 23 June 2011

:) Ahh Lawrence is a sweetie

I'm really sleepy but, basically I was delighted to see Lawrence :) I'm sooo tired I can't recall, other than a couple from A+ (who weren't with the usual staff :()

Learning Disability week, ......I'm tired I'm gonna do this in the morning???? ok Darlings love you all nite

I'm here!!! feeling much better, than my incoherent, illegible state of last night. And thankfully Matt didn't run the Creative Writing group today, which is a good job, because I am just slobbing until Fishy Friday at the pub.

Ah, yesterday, I was really relieved and glad, and excited, and all sorts to see Lawrence :) I feel happy because between, myself, Fred, Steve, Matt, and Miriam we have made a real difference to his life. (I'm really glad he hasn't got access to my Blog!!)

CFH set off down to the ball court, to sort groups, and adjust bikes etc. I hung back with Lawrence, who'd not had a drink yet. I chivied him along and we set off. Thing is.... I've said many times, how you can't be lonely and ride a trike!! We passed 'Philip' and his Spaniel, whose friendly face was level with mine. (It's a good job I love dogs) One thing led to another and before long he was doing 180' turns on Ziggy, I tried to persuade him to join CFH next week, but I'm not sure he will, I gave him my card anyway. Go on Philip, if you're reading?

Ooops fortunately Lawrence had gone ahead, to join the group. Who by nopw were off on a ride. I followed for a while, until Autism + arrived.

A group of young folk came who were celebrating Learning Disability Week (LD) What do I call these normal folk? to describe them to you??? Am I being correct? Heaven forbid, that I offend anyone. Anyway, we all zipped around the court together, LD group, at one end, Autism Plus, in the middle, and CFH at the far end, it was so busy again. So much so that CFH, broke early for lunch, and I excused myself and followed, because I kind of feel a bit responsible for Lawrence, (and I like being nosey) and Nick and Fred could cope, and everyone else gets paid, so why not? (ooooh it's not like me to be idle) But I needn't have worried, he was speaking fluent French with Mar cell!!! and they were sharing tales of their long distance bike rides.

At the Cabin, Pam had arrived to help with the Afternoons mental health group, who I love, and it was getting busy in there. A Man enquired about where he could get a bike, and a 3 wheeler for himself and his Client, I showed him and phoned Fred, on his moby to tell him. And he said eeeek, we are kinda busy down here. I felt immensely guilty, and sped down there, seeing immediately that there weren't enough trikes. I offered Ziggy, to a young woman with LD who absolutely loved it.

Another young woman, said it had always been her dream, to ride a bike. Well Fred's your Man s'one said. And within half an hour, she was cycling independently. :) I have to admit, I was a tinsy bit jealous.

My taxi arrived, I hugged everyone. My time there is so precious to me now.

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