Friday, 24 June 2011

Sally, Pete, Tracey

I had a fab day, of not dressing and just sleeping, and being slovenly :) I do feel like a survivor today, and I feel bratish for expecting Steve to give me more attention, when he quite clearly has 1 million things to catch up with. And an old very good friends moving away today, and urrrrrm his wife may not approve of him contacting me, all we do is talk, but it's quality substance, so who knows, I feel a bit helpless in both situations.

Oh wow, I had some really good news today, remember my friend Lawrence, well he's got an interview for some voluntary work, at Zest, where he will be able to use the Pool everyday, and the Gym. So that's really exciting, it's not too far from Hillsborough either.

I showered, and cycled to the Spit for tea, where I was meeting Sally, for tea, Pete was in there and we had a wee jokey. And we all left together and came back to mine for a few drinks. Pete remarked on how happy I seemed, and how I should be, because I could take company or leave it??? (I don't think he realises that it's all a sham!!)

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