Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Satistfying :)

No not that kind!!! Ijust really feel like I've helped enable someone to cycle again, and it really gave me a buzz today, so I now know a little bit of how folk have felt helping me.

Wow it was great today, at Cycle For Health, I had wondered how I might feel? Would I know folk? Would Dave the Social Worker show, I had discussed a dream I'd got of really making cycling inclusive. With Steve prior to todays meet, just incase it might be possible. I kinda forgot I was meeting Dave, because there was so much talking to be done. :D Todays C4H was kind of Pams baby. But lovely Fred was there, who I haven't seen since that ill fated night in December, when he had to bring my Jezza home, lock her in the shed, sit me down, with a bowl. Lock me in the house and post my keys through the letter box.

Then I recognised this huge recumbent with big trailer on the back, as being a guy called Mal. I only recognise him because of the CTCs blog, or pedal ready? Anyway, he was admiring Ziggy. So what do you think I did? Of course I offered him a ride!!!he loved his ride, so I asked if I could sit on his Monster.......of a trike!! He even reckons, that he could get a handbrake for Ziggy!! I think he's like my very own Mr Potts.

Then this women walked over quite delberately, from the path to the lodge. 'Caroline, isn't it?'
Yeeeeees, I said hesitantly, and then the penny dropped. I'd done some counselling studies with her, and we had gone on a team building exercise, in which we had both ended up being the group clowns. As we had stopped in this youth hostal for the weekend. I had really dreaded that weekend, but ended up loving it and not wanting to come home. I'm digressing....again. Hi Dianne!!!! if you're reading.

I sat down with Rob, helping him with his learning journal.........which I forgot, (ooops) Because I heard a voice asking for Caroline, I turned and it was Dave Ansill the Social Worker.

We got completely excited about the possibilities, I must be patient.

Hi to everyone I met today :)

My children are home, and everyones happy.

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