Monday, 26 April 2010

ICDH My Presentation and more....

Eeeeeek, a mixture of calamities, (and partying) left me in disarray this morning, hopefully my mentor, confident, advisor, and now friend, would see me through. I am talking about Steve Marsden (CTC).

I cleared my throat and began, My presentation was on my simple aim of cycling to school everyday, on a pedal trike as apposed to the motorised electric scooter. Steve sweetened everyone with key rings etc, and I gave out the folder, that contained 'My Journey' metaphorically speaking.

I got a lot of things muddled, and didn't really allow for questions, and I'm sure I missed loads. Ahhh, but Steve never really, really blows my trumpet, I think he thinks enough people do that. So I found it quite emotional, when he took over and told the story from his point of view. I have always just done, what I enjoy doing, so I don't know why folk find it such a big deal? But I am so happy that I can give a bit back to all the organisations who have helped me.

And at the end, when I got the feed back sheet of paper, I wanted to cry again. Everyone was sooo nice, about me personally and my presentation. Although the devil on my shoulder said, 'Well they wouldn't give negative feedback to the first one, would they?' But that's just me doulbting my organisation skills not my effort.

Ahhh, I thanked Steve, and gave him a cyclotherepy mug, I just thought it apt. Because he always tells me to go out on my trike, if ever Im stressed. It will be interesting, to know how Steve felt it went. Having been a pupil, and a tutor on the ICDH course? And because he is often as blunt as I am, but he doesn't make it 'pink and fluffy' like me.

What would I have done differently?

Not a lot, but I don't feel I can really take the credit, because the success of it, was down to Steve. Because it would have looked odd, if I'd have given myself credit!! And it would have detracted, from the folk, who've helped me live my dream.

Urrrgh, I can't really say, what the rest of the lesson was about, because my mind kept playing back to the presentation, but I will try.

Where I live, it really does have a diverse population, which is cool. But problematic at times. The diversities aren't neccersarily linked in any way, but 1) Age and physical ability, although this is obvious, in some ways because if a person, gets lots of exercise. Than, they will fight off heart disease, and blood pressure problems. obesity. leading onto possible diabeties, loss of limbs due to possible amputee. Mental health issues, depression. But the problem doesn't stop there with the younger side this depression could lead to alcohol abuse, or drugs. Which in turn leads to an increase in crime. I know I have been the obvious exception to the rule, in all of this, and I've probably answered the question I asked myself in the 3rd paragraph, which is good :)

There is also much diversity where I live, as regards wealth. some of my neighbours live on income support (like myself) and live in council houses, others live in private houses, and their children go to private schools. And they have private health care.

I felt very selfish, or did I? I had such a dilemma last week, my little boy, had a pain in his kidney. (He has had numerous ops on kidneys) Now the consultant, has fitted him in for a consultation tomorrow, but his Dad, could have paid for him to have it, that day!! Fortunatly his pain subsided, and it wasn't an issue, but what would you have done?

I'm done now Debs, I'm sorry, that I aint made an attempt to answer, the questions directly, I'm tired, I did put a lot of effort into today.....honest :)

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  1. Beware of men riding recumbents - obviously. Just nipped over to De'ils on Wheels to see how they are getting on with local kids and how another Karlos might appear in Glasgow.

    You'll get a bit looser and laid back after a few (presentations) and it will flow I reckon that I can generally manage to talk to any slide show - even if I haven't a clue what slides are in the projector. It sort of develops..