Saturday, 3 April 2010

Sorry x

I learnt today that, BB guns hurt!!! Ouch!! I think I'm so ard me, and urmmm I'm not. As a tester, I told my son to shoot at my palm before I let him lose in the back garden, with his new toy. And I honestly expected to see daylight through the otherside of my hand it hit so hard!! To think I had given my boy £3, to go and buy one off this market stall???? Was the market trader totally bonkers!! Rant over with:$

I'm very boring today, just cycled to the bus stop wi my friend Paul, who'd just nipped into my house this morning, to give the kids an egg each.

My gears on right, is anyone an expert on recumbents? and my front wheel is catching on s'thing, I must try and look tomorrow.

Hey will someone ask Fred Shepherd to phone me please, I've lost his number in the process of repairing my moby. And Nik the nurse, I'm afraid your number went, but you can always phone me. So has Dave Bocking, so can you phone my moby please folks.

Hey sorry folks not to add variety and laughter tonight, I'll try harder tomorrow.

C x

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  1. The noise is most likely the mudguard has got knocked and just needs teasing back a little.... Look at this asap as if it is rubbing on the tyre it can wear a hole in it.

    Or if it is a metallic ting-ting-ting it can be some cack on one of the brake discs in which case rolling along and pulling the affected brake on a couple of times will fix it.