Monday, 12 April 2010


I blushed profusely, and phoned Steve.

:) I'm going for a lovely cycle ride tomorrow, with Cycle 4 Health. And I'm meeting up with a social worker, about setting up a similar cycling group for the brain injured.

Remember Rob 3, who I helped find a cycle? well he's going as well, that is a nice thought :)


  1. I think I know the stone you are hiding under. E-media = E barassment. Always a bit better to type in the addresses/phone numbers for those important messages ... just in case.

    I guess that ST. eve was just one short from SU..perman QED.

    Still it is those 'Caroline' moments that make this blog worth a quick peep from time to time. Give it a couple of days and the tale will be bringing tears of laughter everyone's eyes. I did a verbal version once in the very distant past when I confused someone's wife with his sister-in law (who looked very similar - and I fancied a bit)

    I've a vision of an H M Bateman pastiche (The Man Who.... etc) The Girl who sent a text to the wrong number - Of the more famous originals were The man who asked for a Whisky in the Pump Rooms at Bath, and The Woman who spent £5 in Woolworths (when everything was 6d - old money). Why not check out Bateman - I have trouble deciding whether its him of W H Robinson provide a greater challenge in spotting all the little details in their work.

    WHR might for example have drawn the cycle designed for supreme comfort and convenience of people seeking an alternative to the mobility scooter, with every appropriate accessory including a heavy duty luggage carrier for tying small children securely on, to provide additional tractive effort on hills.

  2. Awww Dave it was horrible when I realised some 10 hrs after sending it!!!

    I'll tell you what it said but via email

    I hope everyone finds my guffs as funny. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!

  3. I guess there's more than one way to look like a tomato! Which of course you ain't... Pumpkin maybe..

    'S alright though, I had my alarm set to vibrate me awake on the train and in my dazed state thought it was an incoming call and automatically rang back (the last incoming caller) - the recipient was not amused.