Friday, 30 April 2010


Decorators, were at home this morning, urghh, I could have done without it to be honest. My taxi arrived and we had exactly 1 hour, to get there, but there lay a problem? could we find it? .....eventually.

Steve spoke first to a mixture of brain injury survivors and students, who used their spare time to study/facilitate this social group called Flourish. I was very 'heartened' by the fact that I recognised a couple of faces. From my BIRRP group which I attend. And I could see how impressed folk were with Steve, and I just glowed with pride :) But it wasn't really Steve they wanted it was 'Ziggy' the trike. And I knew that was my fortei really, I was the person, who had experience of riding with a brain injury. And I know every injury/damage effects folk differently. But atleast I know what it can be like to over come difficulties. And how rewarding that is!!!

I was so proud of Rod, who I understand to bequite poorly, because he had a go. And I reckon that was totally in support of me. And a young woman I met today for the first time 'Lisa' who seemed to bne blown away, by the whole experience.

Hey, one of the survivors of brain injury, called me over at the end and said he remembered me from 20 years ago when we had both attended the Head Injury Unit, WOW.

Hey I may act all capable, and switched on....but I still forgot my bag!!! Thank you Mr Marsden, for reminding me.

My taxi, I knew was waiting, I rushed home where Julie Andrews, was waiting with my children. I made some tea, and we got the wine out. Aren't people nice to me?

And I've just text Lisa, who nearly made me cry, shed enjoyed today so much.

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