Wednesday, 14 April 2010

nob all :(

Sorry folks, eeek I feel like I've really coped out. I'm experiencing another dip, which really pissed my kids off. But today was not totally wasted, I did manage to do a tiny bit of project work. And it kept my daughter happy as she was helping me pack 20 files, with information, on the various organisations (slave labour). Who've helped in my 'Evolvment'(is that a word) from woman with a disability, using an electric scooter, to an able cyclist using a recumbent cycle.

Oh yeah, by chance I know that Steve is bringing a lot of novice (like me) cyclists over to Sheffield to look at Cycle For Health, from Bradford, I think s'ones trying to set s'thing similar up. Anyway this photographer for the health service phoned me today wanting to come and take some pics, so I'm gonna try and arrange it for then. :) The more publicity cycling gets, of it being all inclusive regardless of ability, or class or colour, the better. So bring it on I say :)

Mary phoned and asked if I'd work a bit extra tomorrow, I've had to jiggle taxis around, and stuff. But I'm doing C4H with my darling Fred, until 1230 then off to work for S.S till 5. It's Daddy's day for the children.

Am I boring? all I've done is give you an itinerary of the day, which has been exceptionally dull.

I'll be better tomorrow, because I will have been cycling, and working :)

I can't wait to get my moby back, I will have forgotten how to put pics on here again:)



  1. I was going to get to an exhibition at NEC but instead I've switched over to joining the Witte Fietsen launch in Glasgow - and ended up corking the traffic 'cos no one had thought to do that for 200+ cyclists taking over Sauchiehall Street....

    Then the group needed to be taught about 'Bike Lifts' (Caroline you are excused this one as trikes are heavy and harder to lift above your head) to give 'atmosphere' to the Proclamation on the White Bike - a verbatim reiteration (god that was tautelistic!) of the proclamation by the Amsterdam Provos (an anarchist group) when the original Wit Fiets was launched in 1960.

    Met Victoria (the Glasgow version of Steve) on her first week in post and made sure she was introduced to a few key players. Must dash bike to fix and e-mails to fire-off

  2. Hi Dave, lovely to hear from you:)

    I find myself smiling, and reading your comments, but quite often it goes completey over my head. And if yoyu asked me to repeat it, I might not have a clue,

    Tell Victoria, she needs an expenses paid visit from a fat lass who doesn't sweat much,

  3. Perhaps it goes over your head because I'm 1.982m (or in round terms 1/500th of a kilometre tall.

    I ponder about a friend who's married to a past Brain of Britain winner - who jokes that whilst most people go to bed with a good book he goes to bed with an encyclopaedia.

    Just get out the Concise OED whenever you see a posting from me so that when I delve into the depths of lexicographic lunacy you can look them up.....