Monday, 19 April 2010


Probably the best experience I have of community groups, is Cycle For Health. And I actively seek others out in the hope that they too will benefit in the way I have. Although, I do apprechiate that I become a bit fanatical, and anoraky at times!!!! I find it so positive being involved in the promotion of health. That I have pursued each opportunity, life has thrown in this field of 'work' (it's laughable calling it work). Because I love it!! And I have discovered, that lifes adversitys, are just there to make us apprechiate the good times more :) Briefly below I have listed, the positives, I have experienced and what could happen if they weren't put in place.

We split the class into 2 groups, and both groups were given cards, with the various stages of forming a community group. And asked to place them in order, (we had a few blank cards for good measure :) ) In my group was Julie, Matthew, H, and because my mind was elsewhere (sorry) and I was perched on the outside, perhaps, I wasn't as involved as s'times. But I found it interesting observing the group dynamics. Matthew, became the leader, almost immedietly, and rather 'masterful' at times. Just moving cards, and saying outloud that he was doing it. But there was no consultation, he just did it. Julie, on the other hand was like the Mother of the group, forever mindful, of everyone else and making sure all veiws were considered. And H, tried to support everyone and there fore just being'nice' found herself changing her mind. Me? I like to think I didn't say a lot. But like to think what I did say was succinct, to the point and valuable. And I'm right pleased that somebody in the larger group apprechiated my humour.

Socialisation: I have listed this as the number 1 benefit of a community activity, whether it be cycling or knitting. Because I just think to be able to share and learn from each others experience of life, is in fact 'priceless'. And maybe, sub groups of friendship will be formed, which will make for longivity of the group.
get fit: To keep your body, and mind alert and ready, helps burn unwanted calories. Aid to dieting.
Fresh air: I get to cycle on trails, I would never, have dreamt of, like Beeley Wood, upto Outibridge.
Less Of a drain on the NHS: I reckon this is partly to do with self esteem, because very loosely speaking i reckon the more positive you're feeling, the more physically better you are. As well as lowering blood pressure, and there fore reducing the risk of a Stroke or Heart disease.
Education and Awareness: As part of the sharing process, a learning, and sharing of knowledge takes place.
Pride and consideration: If people enjoy the area, they're more likely to look after it.

Without a group: the following might occurr.
Lack of socialisation, sharing of experiences:
An increase in crime:
Poor Health:
Low self Esteem: alcohol abuse, drug abuse:
Heart disease:
a drain on resourses, like gp's and dentists and hospitals.

Despite my taumas of yesterday, when my trike collapsed, whilst cycling quickly down a busy Road. I was really heartened by everyones concerns when they heard. So thank's if you were one of those people, who phoned.

And I mean to stick around for a bit of time yet :)


  1. Collapsed??? What happened? Did the folding lever come loose? It has a key mechanism so shouldn't be able to come undone... The QR lever does need to be kept closed and locked when you don't need it to fold...

  2. I reckon, thats what happened. It simply folded, whilst I was on it.

    Now I'm mindful of it, I will check occasionaly, to make sure it aint workin lose.

    I was fine on the school run though, so I aint stressed.