Thursday, 8 April 2010

I hate to disappoint :(

Here is, as the more observant folk will tell me a pic of Jezz the XR3 and not my new superfast supersonic XR5 Ziggy. And yes I know I haven't got the jist of turning it round. (feel free to tell me, I won't be offended) But unfortunately on the first nice day in ages, (I really apprechiate good weather, after the housebound winter we've just experienced) Anyway, I had to stay in, all housebound waiting for deliveries :( and I wasn't a happy bunny.

Spoke wi Steve (CTC) who told me I needed more experience b4 he'd train me up as a trainer :( But we as always managed to put the world to rights.

Hey, I got a massive confidence boost, my health champs folk, want me to go for a paid job, working with them. It's all very exciting.

Hey, and I'm on a promise on Monday ;) I'll keep the world posted.

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  1. I wish mine would go up hills like that ;-D