Thursday, 1 April 2010

turning minus' to plus'

I was so naffed off this am, when this taxi driver who'd sworn blind he could fit my trike in2 his estate, without disassembling it. (Because it was a lucrative fare, and he thought he'd baggy it. ) Just couldn't do it, no matter which angle he tried, urrrrgh! And by now, I'd missed Cycle For Health, and although the settee beckoned, I seized the moment, got the same taxi to take me to my Mums new nursing home. I do plan to cycle there, but there are these notorious traffic lights, that I'm kinda dreading really, and I thought I'd suss the route out, in the relative safety of a car. (I don't know why I said that, because the number of serious accidents, involving recumbent cycles is actually none)

Steve did swaps, long story won't bore you. But the consequence was me being stranded at the local pub, with my mates, and my bike being locked up outside, the key for the lock???? At home in my wee boys bike lock!!! I had to walk home, find the key (thank the lord!!!) After returning to the pub, a group always gather round Ziggy, to kind of wave me off, and I can never ever resist showing her off, and letting folk have a shot. How 'Adam' could possibly skid and fall off her I don't know, but it was funny :D

Any volunteers, to try Beauchief lights with me? I'm a right wuss.

Night Everyone Happy Easter, :)xxx


  1. Which traffic lights in Beauchief Caroline? The ones where Abbey Lane crosses Abbeydale Road? I agree that its a bugger to turn right at these.

  2. Yeah, I would be going towards town, stopping at the lights and then turning right up Abbey Lane, towards Woodseats.

    I'ts nice to know someone knows that my fears aren't all in my head.

    DH, advised me on this occasion to cheat and cut accross the pavement, as I could theoreticly say it was a mobility aid.

    Thanks Rob.

  3. Best way is to say you have used it to replace your mobility scooter - which is a completely honest and factual statement. Or pretend you are German and mutter "rollstuhl" (Ask Jim (or was it Kevin) about that story).

    Or get a flag made up "Caution - High Performance Wheelchair (lower/less predictable performance user!)"

  4. Oh come on, how on earth did Alan fall off her???