Thursday, 27 September 2012

Ahhhh, I was missed today. :)

Lots of words have been said today, not many of them repeatable!! I've shed a few tears, and lots of lessons learnt, I hope. So I didn't go today, but all I needed was to hear, how much I was valued and missed, and I eagerly agreed to return, next week.

I wish I was at the Cycle Show, I bet it's full of folk I know, I'd love it.

OOoooh, I'm starting the Write Way creative writing group tomorrow. I wasn't going to go, but after I'd spoken with Steve I felt better. (it's so true that Hillsborough or Inclusive Cycling) is my identity, and I wasn't happy or whole. Until, I'd got the security of it back.

You know I was asked to help with the Waiting Area Redevelopment Team? at the Head Injury place? Well one of my ideas, would be for the Write Way group to post some Personal Stories and pictures, maybe Gwynifas Art stuff? (she's the wee Scottish lassy wi the Ginormas............. red heeled shoes!!) anyone who came to the reading?

And.......I'm going to a hugely important Networking event on Monday about the inequalities in Health in different Communities? Well although it is talking about Geographical communities. My Community is one of differing abilities, who often feel dependant on taxis to access gyms or swimming? As I did, so well..........just gi me a soap box!! Ey... I do feel better tonight than I've felt, for a while.


  1. So why didn't you come down & see us on Friday?

    Some fun kit around and I told a lady on a mobility scooter to look at your blog.

  2. Apropos of nothing, did you see this month's CTC rag?

    Really interesting article about the adaptive MTB scene.

    Maybe they have something suited to you? There is not really any difference between a quad for someone with no leg movement and one for someone with poor balance.

    I reckon I could see you on one of their quads, probably going EEEEeeeeeek! It would be a chance for you to try out the side of cycling I most love.