Thursday, 6 September 2012

Today was Ace!

View photo0274_001.jpg in slide showZara and I today on the Side by Side :) I reckon there was a group of 20+ young people, 10 carers. And then the usual lot, like Marj and Baz, who are so lovely because they brought me a Vegaterian Haggis back and a special suprise of Puffin Droppings!! from there recent holiday to the Shetlands.

Now I don't mean to be contentious!! but it strikes me, I'm the only one with honset motives here!!.........Nick Cleg and I had set a date for him Cycling on the 'Side by Side' with me (like the one pictured) Steve said it had to be Hil;lsborough, because that where Cycling 4 All takes place, Nick says it's gotta be Endcliffe, because thats his Constituency. I say....does it matter really just get the Cycle publisised!!! So anyway it's not happening !!! what a missed opportunity!!!

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