Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Monday :) Tuesday :/

Yesterday, was good, but I'm soooo unfit!! I only cycled to Millhouses to see Miriam in the Park, and I didn't half weeze and splutter, coming back! In fact I was going so slowly I transferred onto the Pavement at Totley Bridge, I kinda thought it safer.

I received a gorgeous lovely text off Chris Shaw - remember I went to London with him in May? to the National Centre of Sport and Exercise for Medcine. And he introduced me to many folk, who I now know are 'movers and shakers' in the field of finance and health. Anyway I called back and we spoke excitedly about our next project.....Rio!! I jest!! Anyway he's collecting me and taking me to a meeting on the 1/10, so I'm really excited now.

Hey Long Term Neurological Conditions, want me as a poster girl, holding The Torch!! Which I reckon is a good thing because a lot of Brain Injury groups, seem   to discourage cycling. And although I'm not on my Trike, everyone will ask why I was a Torch Bearer. So me being me, reluctantly had my arm twisted again :)

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