Saturday, 29 September 2012

Mick and Me,

View Photo0280.jpg in slide show Ahhhh, at school, we were inseperable, we were one anothers best friend, never more. Incase you were wondering?? But we used to hold hands constantly! Anyway he went off to America, and I met Jock, 20years later, we shared a taxi home from the School Reunion. Vowing and declaring we wouldn't leave it quite as long, and we didn't (just another 9years!!) But last night was great. Ey i aint been on a happy boozy night out for a ..........week! No but it felt extra good. Anthony, Dave and Jason joined us, and we spoke excitedly as Dave (a qualified Caver) spoke  about new plans for Speedwell Cavern. I asked if he needed any help promoting Caving for All abilities, as I would be willing to 'Fly the Flag' if he were to take Mick and I, one Saturday, a plan was hatched. So on October the 1st with helmet and wellies. Thats what we're doing. But we all had been in the pub for 6hrs!!At this point.

Jason, a keen Cyclist rode Ziggy back to my house, I let him have a go. I love it, when folk apprechiate her

Oh I forgot to mention The Cycle Show in Birmingham. I wish I was there, and I wish I'd known Steve was going......I missed a right opportunity !!


  1. Whatever you are doing the pictures don't work on e-mail or website, you must be using facebook or flickr or some system which locks out those it doesn't know.

    I wish I'd have dropped by for the craic on Friday - I've done Speedwell many years ago with University speleology group. Much nicer than climbing mountains, with a wall on all 4 sides, and out of the nasty weather too! Enjoy

  2. I am using my mobile? and s'times I lift them off Facebook. But most people, can see them?

    I understand you were at The Cycle Show, on Friday. I wish I'd have been invited :( Oh well atleast I'm going to Dalby on the 13th, it looks ace!