Friday, 14 September 2012

I'm booked!!!!

Saturday the 20th of October, I am booked in Oxfords Youth Hostel, I'm presuming theres only one! and I had to say top or bottom!! .....bunk :)

It will be fab cos Kevin Hickman, is lending me his Trike, so I can zip along.... I kid you!!

My lil boy has just saved all his hard earned pennies, bought himself a Half Pipe, I paid for shipping £45!!!!! and it's now assembled in the middle of my Lawn, among the Rhodedenrums!!


  1. Cool, YHA's are great fun and there are always people to talk to, you'll love it!

    What are you doing there?


  2. Hey Pete its the Inclusive Cycling Forums AGM, and a ride, and a bit of a social. You can come too, if you're interested in Inclusive Cycling?

    I must thank you soooo much for having the idea of Torch Bearing all those years ago. It was the best day of my life. x