Thursday, 7 June 2012

:::It's that magic again.

I know it was my decision, but because I was up at 5! I thought what the heck, and I took the dogs, very reluctantly for their morning walk. I say reluctantly because it poured down with rain. Holly has her tarten green jacket, (it would be apt if it was a Douglas tart en?) but I'm not that knowledgeable, sorry.

I showered, took the dogs to bed (owt for some peace), setting my alarm again for 830.

Dial a Ride were very prompt this morning, I didn't really have time for breakfast, when they turned up at 910. My children still slumbered in bed, (they were being picked up at 10). I bellowed instructions to my kids, who grunted in agreement, and left for Hillsborough. I arranged with the driver to be picked up again at 2, but said I may well be early because I doubt anyone will turn up with this rain. Shows how much I know!!!! There were 17 of us in the morning. And 8 in the afternoon!!

Hey I really dislike the 'Markee, coffee man' Silly Prat that he is!! I feel a bit of a battle, I know this is petty :) don't laugh!!! I cleaned round the place, as it doesn't get done now. And left it clean and tidy. When I came back after Markee prat man had been in, there was a full jar of coffee smashed on the floor, in the middle of the kitchen. (i know it's boring but it made my blood boil!! Especially as he's trying to take over the cabin, and run it as his own cafe..

My lovely Fred, was running C4H, and I joined in with them and really enjoyed myself :)

Martin came with 2 children for the KMX, just as I was going.   

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