Sunday, 3 June 2012

I'm here!!....never fear!! (that was so immature!!) :)

I am back, lifes been problematic, about everything apart from my cycling and my dog....s (at the moment) I've got Steve's dog here he's called Robbie, and he is totally smitten with Holly!! He cleans her ears, polishes her teeth, and feet, lies on the floor, in a submissive way, if she casts a disapproving glare. He is totally besoted!!!   I dream of someone crawling on their tummy and licking my ears ...maybe not teeth and toes though.

I can't wait till the 26th of this month!! When fingers crossed I will ride Ziggy whilst carrying the Olympic Torch, and up to press theres about 15 different folk coming. Which I am soooo excited about. Because I do love folk :) I don't know what to do with everyone or after even??

It's pouring it down in Sunny Sheffield, and although I've been out twice, my doggies being typical Sight Hounds did NOT like it, and took the ball and went home!! Hyey did I tell you I had great fun the other day, I cycled to the Shops and Drs, and then met my Son who was 'Swimming in a fish pound!! that the Rangers in the Park have made (thanks for that then!!) Anyway I sped down the grassy field at a fair pace  with Holly snapping at my wheels!! This was a great way to exercide her and me. Unfortunately it is a right pain in the arse to get my trike through the gate posts, and down the wide but not wide enough slope into my garden! Daisy was about, and she owes me big time for things this week. So I handed her the keys and dished out the instructions!!

If...when....i have some money, I might think about making the park accessible to Ziggy, because it was really good!!

Daisy is going away tomorrow, for a couple of days. I feel a little bike ride with Finn coming on.


  1. Just remember that you are NOT gong to take air off a berm just to show off to F* You know what happened the last time.

    Thundering in to the train wreck that begins with D, and not feeling happy about it.

  2. Hi Dave, How've you been Flower? Hope things are a little better, with the Girls. Things have been bad here, and I'd always prided myself at good communication wi my 2.
    I don't really understand either of your sentances? But it's nice to hear from you.

    C x

  3. I've just re read your comment, and get the BMX ramp one!!