Tuesday, 5 June 2012

No BMX ramps this time!!

I thanked my lil boy so much for today :) Because I wouldn't feel so happy if I hadn't cycled.  It's amazing how exercise, really does make my mood better, whether it be the endorphines, the Independance, or the Inclusion. Or because it gives me s'thing to talk about, to complete strangers.

Oh wow,  I must thank these young folk who came to my rescue,there were 5 of them. All aged between 10 and 14? As I began my journey, to the Rise. The Hi Viz I have covering my Panniers, slipped, and tangled in the derailier? I couldn't move my pedals,  at all. I was panicing right!!  Because I knew my boy had rushed a head to wait for me. These boys, on seeing me struggle, wandered over to help. We know Finn, can we help you???? How lovely is that??? Charlie took control, tipping Ziggy on her side, and instructing assistance from Majo to hold a bit for him whilst he freed, the jacket. I am so grateful, they absolutely saved me.

Finn caught the bus!! whilst I cycled, which doesn't sound right? I beat his bus by an hour!!! And the cashpoint was out of cash? And how nice? the owner of the Cafe at Millhouses, told me to order a drink and butty and owe it !!! How nice folk are!! :)

It took me 35 minutes to get home, I'm out of practice!!

I've been up since 4!! Robbie got a bit frisky, much to Hollys pissed offness!! She's tried to be polite, and he just doesn't take the hint. So 2 tones of howling rang out, I rushed downstairs before the babies next door woke. In my haste, I put my jeans on back to front!! Not really very good, and although daybreak was happening, I certainly wasn't,  so I ended up taking 2 dogs to my bed, to sleeeeeeep.

If I rode a 2 wheeled Cycle, I wouldn't get boys stopping and wanting to help, and I wouldn't, get recognised and respected in Cafe's. So although I'm, not totally dismissing the idea, of trying again to ride a bike. It'sd just who I've become 'The Woman on the Trike'

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