Saturday, 9 June 2012

It's a Secret, just for Now;0)


  1. Who's a secret?

  2. I had 2 individuals giving me attention! and I thought about it....But because I didn't fancy either. I decided in the end, why put myself through the grief, and maybe s'one else too. How boringly frigid of me :D xx

  3. Just been listening to second item weekend Woman's Hour brings a tear to the eye, especially for the 60 y/o with CP, and how his family clubbed together to give him a night to remember.

    I'll e'mail you some bits & bobs.

    Had an interestingly 'focussed' chat the other week, so I'm still moderately interesting to talk to.

    Watch out over next few days for National Student Drama Festival in Sheffield.

    I hear that Fifty Shades of Grey is worth a read - but I'm following Bloomsday (with readings of Ulysses) written same year as The Wasteland.

    Tune in and turn on as they say

  4. Hows things with your kiddies? We've just come through a horrid time, well not quite yet we still await blood results.

    But yours must have improved?