Wednesday, 6 June 2012

How Cycling Changed My Life. by Chris Spann

Exercise wasn't something that ever appealed to me and if I'm honest I'd avoided it until my friend offered me her bike. I've made a few attempts at sports for a laugh, but I hadn't really made many inroads into 'getting fit'. I hadn't realised how good it would feel to be fitter.

Now I owe my new improved waistline, slimmer figure and increased confidence to a successful balance of a healthy diet and time spent out and about cycling.

Of course, it wasn't easy at first because I didn't know where to go and what I might be capable of achieving - But don't give up before you even start. Take it from me - give cycling a try before making a judgement and you'll be surprised how much fun you'll have.

Make Starting Easier
Bike with friends to begin with and start your cycling routine in the spring or summer. This means you'll have less hassle with the weather and easier tracks to follow without the problem of puddles and mud – as cool as it might look, riding in the cold with mud encrusted legs is NOT fun.

Plan a simple and easy-to-remember route and make sure you're wearing good trainers and a cycle helmet to be on the safe side. I like to take a waterproof jacket now too, just in case I get caught in the rain.

One of the best motivations to complete a ride is to have a couple of goals to achieve. I find that taking a healthy packed lunch in a rucksack gives me a good reason to achieve a set distance and a get to a given place so I can have a nice lunch out; especially if you’re out with friends. Riding somewhere, then sitting down for something to eat before heading back is a great way to not only break up a ride, it’s also a nice way to spend an afternoon.

As I've gained in confidence, I've slowly increased the distance I cycle. I'd never have thought it would be possible but now I regularly ride 10-20 miles in a session and enjoy the sensation of having a bit of a work-out in the process.

Just Do It
Thanks to keeping an eye on my diet and my new-found love of pedal power I've lost 100 pounds and I really feel like a new person. I used to think dieting alone would be enough, and for many people it might well be – but cycling definitely helped to speed up the process!

If you want to start exercising and getting fitter, the main thing is to stop thinking about exercising and get on with it. Find something you enjoy (because there's no point it doing something that isn't fun since you'll never keep at it) and DO IT Just a little bit at first if you have to, then more and more until those early days of struggling and straining seem so far awa you can barely remember them.

The key to my successful weight loss was turning a sport that I thought was a chore into an activity that I really enjoyed. You don't have to cycle in a straight line, in a race or up mountains - I cycle country routes and through parks because I enjoy the scenery (and because it’s near my house).

For me, making exercise a social activity and getting help from a group of friends keen on biking helped keep me motivated. One day, I'd like to complete a more serious cycle route, maybe even a race. Now I know I can do it, this nothing seems impossible anymore!

This lovely piece was sent to me by someone who stumbled accross my blog, and I think he drew some parrelels. And it's taken me pretty much all day to's just to tedious to tell you about it.
I'm getting a bit scared of the Torch thing, I think everyones had enough of Celebrations. Or is that just me playiong Bar hum bug again.
I read s'thing today, which could have quite easily been applied to Cycling also. It was saying if you Walk for 40mins a week at the age of 55? It prevents the onset of dementia....FACT. .
Anyway have taken Robbie and Holly to the Ponds 3 times today!! I have to tire them, so I can have peace :) I do love them though, it's so thrilling watching their agile shapes sprint round and round the park. I just wished they loved water!!  They are a bit wussy!!
I can't wait to see firstly my children, it has been quiet here. And secondly Folk at Hillsborough. Steve's not there, but Dave and other folk are coming. And I've been in touch with a guy whos bringing his Son, for a go on a KMX, I'm not 100% sure what disability his Son has.
Catch you soon and thank you Chris for your piece of Pros.

Chris is a writer for"> by day; by night you can find him pedalling around North Wales (w

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