Sunday, 17 June 2012

Fantastic Weekend :)

I've had a really nice weekend, it makes me wonder what I used to spend my time doing, before I took up Cycling. Well actually I do recall, and best not go there again.
I dropped off a particulally high curb (I misjudged the height) which took off the bolt, that was holding the steering rods together!! Fortunately Gareth Dent (the main guy in the pic on the yellow bike)  recognised, what was up. And quickly found a new bolt, and fixed it, in less than 5mins!! I am so glad that Miar, and Graham and Paul from PR, had checked out the CTC ride first, and even gone to the point of rerouting when they knew I was coming, because Ziggy, is a bit wide for some of the paths. So Thank  you,
I need a new back grippy tyre, as well as a new left hand hydraulic brake, I could do with a service (enough about me!!) Ziggy needs looking at.
Hi everyone I met today, please get in touch. xxx


  1. Glad you enjoyed the ride Caroline - it's only fair that I point out that it was Paul who had the bolt and fixed the steering rods - I just held one of the allen keys!

  2. Hi Caroline! It was lovely to meet you on Sunday - you must have the most exotic fascinator in the land. I was so sorry to hear of your fall ... you were less than a few minutes from the Botanical Gardens. But never mind you did nearly the whole thing and we did have fun.
    I hope that your torch bearing goes well next week - and fingers (etc) crossed thathe rain stays away.