Friday, 8 June 2012

I do love Robbie :)

Robbie dog slept beautifully, last night, snugled up on the bed settee with my little boy and Holly dog. Walking and bounding about the rather damp park at 4.00 am!! Whilst I slept unperturbed through all of this!!Dreaming of, how I might one day, take my pedal Assist trike, through my extra wide access to Green Oak Park.  (in my dreams)

My son and I cycled to the deli for a bit of lunch and some shopping. And I think I've become the new Julie Andrews as I actually acted enthusiastic and keen to first take the dogs out with my 2 kids, and come back to make a chocolate cake!!

I wish I had s'thing to say about a man or s'thing? But I've given up and obviously no ones bothered!!! But hey ho!! x

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