Tuesday, 19 June 2012

My Moment To Shine, has come.

Oh before I forget, it wasn't the lovely Gareth who made a swifty repair on Ziggy? It was Paul from Pedal Ready. (I know there are probably a few!)

My Official uniform is here, and I can just get into it!! My kids are fighting over the 1 supporters scarf though.

Recycle bikes have collected Ziggy this morning, to give her a Service ;)

Originaly they promised to have Zig back after 2 hours, but once they'd realised that the tyres weren't the 16s that they stocked, they called me to say that they'd keep her till Friday morning, and order some. So I'm still going to Hillsborough on Thurs, and I'll just borrow one....I suppose :(

Oh, Steve and I are Writing and filming a video, of the Torch relay for the CTC, but I've got to have it in for 12.00 noon the next day. Eeeek!!

My daughters off on some residential tomorrow mmmmm, I wonder how that will go!!


  1. Hello there, My name is Jeff, I live in Deepcar and am a recumbent trike rider. Today I went on the City Centre ride as part of Bike Week. I picked up lots of leaflets and through the Cycle Sheffield site found you. Would it be possible to join in your thursday rides?. Please can you make contact with me?

  2. Hi Jeff, I'd love to meet you and your trike at Hillsborough Park, one Thursday. Where at the moment, there is 'Cycling for All' (which is mostly All ability/disability) Cycling. There is a Mental Health Ward, who come and use some of the Cycles, as well as bring there own. And there is a group, which meets that are Cycle 4 Health, and they are mostly non disabled folk who have avarying range of ability.

    And there are lots of Cycle Trainers from the CTC and Pedal Ready. And lil ol Me :)

    If you need to contact me? My moby 07909972140
    or cardouglas10@hotmail.com

    Hope to see you soon.

  3. Well you'll be escorted by some quite good looking (in their grey and white Metropolitan Police shorts & tops) running alongside you.

    It will be a bit of a whirlwind and a flash of being the star for a few minutes and then dropped in the dust as the caravan speeds off with then next relay in the chain.

    You see - bent riders attract other bent riders..... Soon see you riding across town to Deepcar then?

    You really should watch how you post up e-mail addresses on the blog though as spammers will simply spot the address and lift it. Use (at) and (dot) to make it impossible for a robot to read the address. Humans on the other hand can work out the code.

    Oh and I've just read about Roald Dahl's adult novels, and the dirty joke in Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. just look up snozberries (and clip from film "the snozberries taste like snozberries")

  4. I looked up the above.....is a Snozberry a.....How rude :) x