Sunday, 24 June 2012

Chain Breakers!!

I had promised, my lil boy that we would dodge the showdrs, and go to the place, where Charlie Pennington, had nearly died. And was now all over grown, wi tumble weed blowing about, and old western music playing in the distance! - I made that last bit up!! It's all fenced off now, and it's no more dangerous than it was before, so I let Fin have 10 mins b4 we moved onto the Bike Tree. I kind of convinced myself, not to wrap him up in cotton wool. And I'd rather be around if owt happens than him sneaking off, with his mates. And no one doing the right thing if owt occurred. Anyway it wasn't him who fell it was me!! I was reversing onto my trike, and I somehow fell backwards, banging my head rather heavily, on the gravel path. Thank heavens I weear a helmet!! Finn had to show me a special short cut, behind some rather posh flats, and through the train station of Dore, to The Bike Tree. Next to the bike tree, is a very Exclusive and expensive, resturant called Morans. (I so wish it was a Cafe!!) We called in anyway, Finn hung back until I'd got the ok.  But I asked if we could buy a drink, as I'd just fallen etc. They agreed, and I beckoned Finn in. 'Mum we look like were from the Orphanage!!!':D My Son was soooo right!!

We cycled back, I let Finn beat me home (not hard!!)  but walked into find him up to his elbows in Cookie Dough Mix. ' Mum I'm doing your Favourite!!' I am Mary Poppins!!

Dave H called on his travels. Was it my conversation that was dull Dave? or were you just tired?:) xx

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