Friday, 15 June 2012

Thursday 14th of June

I absolutely loved Hillsborough today, even though it absolutely skinted me to go. And I couldnt go without buying Marjorie a cake for her 80th B'day!! It skinted me so because Dial a ride could only bring me back, and so I paid £17.00 to go and just £3 return!I was very keen to go for a number of reasons, eeeeek! and I aint no Miss Mop, but the place was filthy. So I went armed with Bleach, Dishclothes, Washing up liquid, Hand Towels, Bin Liners and elbow grease.
I arrived and the place was heaving, with folk, there were the usual trainers Steve, Dave, Paul, Graham, and Gavin (CTC) he had come to check us out :)
Autism Plus came, and they are so lovely, they get so much from Cycling and this Young Asian Man came with them, and alas he got so much enjoyment out of being a passenger on the Velor Plus, he had such a Cracking Smile it was enough to brighten anyones day. The staff all said they would see me on the 26th o0n the Torch Relay :)
Ahhhh, it is my Beautiful Dave celebrating his 65th B'day.
What a fantastic Day.

Lawrence came and helped me clean, which I really did apprechiate.
DAR came to pick me up, and phew I was totally knackered. So I came home and celebrated a really nice day, with a Curry a bottle of wine and Pete for company.
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Below is Marjorie, who celebrated her 80th b'day, apparently all she talks of to her family, is how much she used to Cycle. By all accounts it was a heavy, beast of a bike. We sang, Happy Birthday, and about 20 of us had signed, a pink sparkley Party Girl Card, I had bought a gorgeous Strawberry Cake. We pinched the Candles off Daves cake....there lies another story!!
View Photo0246.jpg in slide showMarj having a really memorable b'day, before she went on to try the Side by Side with her daughter. But she told Steve how she used to go on bike rides with the local CTC club. And how she'd like everyone to ride round the Park with her. So we obliged gladly :)
I spent along time cycling round the court on the Velor Plus with Pat,  telling her all about my friendship with Lorraine, who is her main Carer.

I've just read this the morning after I posted it, and I'm sorry it's a bit disjointed in places. But I was juggling tea, dogs and my friend Paul and Son had popped in, for B and B. Hi Paul, it was great to see you both! xx

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